All things stampy: caturday (yes i know its late): professor happy cat

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Are you a Ravenclaw? If you've been sorted into the Ravenclaw House, you may be wondering what it means about you. Well, this is what it really means. Blue House Decorative Stickers. You get 1 sheet of stickers in this listing. You will receive 1 sheet of Decorative stickers. Has 30 stickers on the sheet. Sheet measures 7. Gallery Quality Prints. After many requests - there is it! Ravenclaw aesthetic. Aesthetic mobile wallpapers designed by shethespy.

Ravenclaw by CoalRye on DeviantArt. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in the meme-o-sphere. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

Aesthetic Harry Potter instagram story templates designed by shethespy. Run by the most stereotypical Slytherin and Hufflepuff you could ever find. Found on Bing from dracomalfoyi. Need a gift for a fitness freak? What's your Hogwarts House self-care? Check out the self-care ideas for Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor! Wit beyond measure, Is man's greatest treasure.When this cartoon originally appeared inmy long-suffering editor Reed Jackson called to thank me for reflecting what goes on in his home when his wife bakes for the holidays.

This made me feel good. Comics editors see a lot of comics, and they rarely have time or inclination to comment. By the way, the T shirts are on sale now. I told you there would not be much fanfare.

I also said I would return yesterday and discuss price.


Our T shirt is about as local as T shirts can be. To shop, just click on the subtle little banner at the top of this page. Thank you! Thank you for making this happen Jimmy.

Dear KMAG: 20200314 Open Thread

Unlike the Lions, you have actually brought this to the finish line! Thanks from me too. Just wondering: A few days ago, you said the short-sleeved shirts would be available in Carolina Blue. Has something changed, or they are just not ready yet, or bug in the EBay store? Miracles of miracles I was able to got on the site ebay is usually blocked here at work and get my shirt ordered.

Yes I have just ordered my Loodie t-shirt, and both eBay and PayPal cooperated with me! Considering how badly technology usually hated me this is a red letter day. My brain seems fried, I was going to get my credit card when what I need is my PayPal codes. What color Ludwig shirt did you get Trapper? As I said, oxygen deprivation has set in. I just emailed an order for five Ludwig shirts to JJ.

One each of Sports Car and Luddie, Huzzah and other major sounds of joy and celebration. My better half took a deep breath and said order one of each. Happy Birthday to me indeed. Great day and even the sun is out. Just purchased one each of the tee shirts. Promised delivery by December Prefect midday purchase.

Had PT this morning. Stopped at the gun range, got checked out on the HK. Had a burger with a friend. Now need to clean the house and buy the wine before Loon comes home on Saturday. Just got off phone arguing with a guy regarding my laptop which he claimed was running Windows 8. Price varies by size and style, long or short.

Where has everyone gone again? Sand what colors did you buy in tees?How a clunky Swedish computer game is teaching millions of children to master the digital world. Illustration by Christoph Niemann. By Clive Thompson. J ordan wanted to build an unpredictable trap. Jordan built a variety of obstacles, including a deluge of water and walls that collapsed inward, Indiana Jones-style. But what he really wanted was a trap that behaved unpredictably.

That would really throw his friends off guard. How to do it, though? He obsessed over the problem. Then it hit him: the animals!

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Minecraft contains a menagerie of virtual creatures, some of which players can kill and eat or tame, if they want pets. One, a red-and-white cowlike critter called a mooshroom, is known for moseying about aimlessly. He stuck the mooshroom inside, where it would totter on and off the plates in an irregular pattern. On-screen, he steered us over to the entrance to the maze, and I peered in at the contraptions chugging away. Since its release seven years ago, Minecraft has become a global sensation, captivating a generation of children.

There have been blockbuster games before, of course. And it runs completely counter to most modern computing trends. It invites them to tinker. In this way, Minecraft culture is a throwback to the heady early days of the digital age. They learned to program in Basic, to write software that they swapped excitedly with their peers. At a time when even the president is urging kids to learn to code, Minecraft has become a stealth gateway to the fundamentals, and the pleasures, of computer science.

What will the Minecraft generation become? They are irresistibly drawn by the detritus generated by building, gardening, housework, tailoring or carpentry. Playing with blocks, it turns out, has deep cultural roots in Europe. A recent paper Fanning wrote with Rebecca Mir traces the tradition to the English political philosopher John Locke, who was an early advocate of alphabet blocks.

Children would start with simple blocks, build up to more complex patterns, then begin to see these patterns in the world around them. Educators like Maria Montessori picked up on this concept and pioneered the teaching of math through wooden devices.

all things stampy: caturday (yes i know its late): professor happy cat

Several were in fact created in Europe and were quite popular. In Sweden, educators worried that industrialization and the mechanization of society were causing children to lose touch with physical skills; they began teaching sloydor woodcrafting, a practice that continues today. When Fanning first saw Minecraft, he felt a jolt of recognition.

Children are turned loose with tools to transform a hostile environment into something they can live in. When it was first sold in the postwar period, Lego presented itself as the heir to the heritage of playing with blocks. Children learn to grapple with major tasks and solve them together. As a Swede, Markus Persson, who invented Minecraft and founded Mojang, grew up amid such cultural influences and probably encountered sloyd in school himself.

He released the first version of Minecraft in The basic play is fairly simple: Each time you start a new game, Minecraft generates a unique world filled with hills, forests and lakes. Whatever the player chops at or digs into yields building blocks — trees provide wood, the earth dirt and stone.

Blocks can be attached to one another to quickly produce structures.After all the comments calling both the animation and art style of the Professor Layton games "Ghibliesque", Level-5 decided to one-up the peanut gallery by actually teaming up with Studio Ghibli on a game. The result was Ni no Kuni literally - "Another World"though it's actually two games:. While the gameplay is designed by Level-5, all the character designs, lushly animated cutscenesand even the soundtrack composed by the legendary Joe Hisaishi are all pure Ghibli.

Needless to say, this made a lot of people very excited about it from the get-go. Oliver is a young boy living a tiny, picturesque town loosely based on America in The '50s. He lives with his mother Allie. He and his best friend have been working on making the best racing kart ever—it's already looking pretty snazzy. To try it out, Oliver sneaks out in the middle of the night for a test drive—unfortunately, he plunges straight into the river. His mother leaps in to save him and pulls him to the shore.

The physical exertion is sadly too much for her, and she swiftly dies of a heart attack.

all things stampy: caturday (yes i know its late): professor happy cat

Yes, it's that kind of game. For weeks, the grief-stricken Oliver holes up in his room and cries. His tears fall on a crude yet lovable doll his mother gave him, and set the spirit inside free! The spirit, named Drippy Shizuku in the Japanese versionreveals to Oliver that he's from another world — a place closely linked to Oliver's town.

There, an evil sorcerer has taken a sage named Alicia hostage. Alicia and Allie are linked, and if Alicia is saved, then there's a chance Allie will be, too. Drippy gives Oliver a magic book, the Wizard's Companion, and Oliver sets out into the other world in order to save his mother. The most notable feature of the Jet-Black Mage was that the Wizard's Companion was an actual hardbound page book that shipped with the game and was required to progress through the game.

When White Witch was created, the book was included in digital format. However, a limited "Wizard's Edition" release of the title did include the book as part of a luxury collection, as well as a stuffed doll of Drippy. English trailer is here. It will be an original story, heavily inspired on the premise of the original, instead of a direct or close adaptation.

5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat

Netflix picked the film up as an 'Original' and streamed it on January 16, Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. I'm sure the ending will be Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?Keeping your cat happy, enriched and healthy is very simple to do when you think like a cat. Providing a stress-free environment is as simple as one, two, cat tree!

It seems that cats have it made. The internet worships them and judging by those viral Youtube Best Cat compilation videos, they rule their households with a firm furry paw. And we like it. Cats are viewed as independent, aloof and in need of less medical and preventative care than dogs, but this could not be further from the truth. September is Happy Cat Month, an event in its 9th year running, created by the Catalyst Councilto help promote the health and well-being of our purry felines, focusing on the different ways to ensure your cat is happy, enriched and healthy.

Hooray, more cats in forever homes! Make no mistake, Mr. Tiggs is not being a jerk by scratching your couch, but enacting his natural instinct to scratch and mark his territory. Cats are not small dogs and require different approaches to training and positive reinforcement. Living in a threatening or unenriched environment is stressful for cats, according to veterinarian and CATalyst Council board member Dr.

Read on for simple actionable steps to a happier chirpier cat. Cats are hardwired to dig their claws into a hard substrate and pulling their weight downward. This action, called stropping, actually conditions the claws by removing the outer nail sheath, which you can often see deposited next to their scratching posts.

Then getting him a variety of horizontal carpet scratchers would give him utmost satisfaction. If he loves a good long stretch after a snooze, he would give you extra cuddles if you invest in a solid tall sturdy scratching post.

Experiment with different textures and styles, vertical or horizontal and encourage use by rubbing the new post with catnip. Check out the different things we do to attract our cats to their cat tree and turn them into happy tree huggers.

Engaging in interactive play on and around the scratching post using fishing rod toys is a surefire way to get your cat excited. Clicker training using a favorite treat is another sneaky way of getting your cats to use and love the scratching post or cat tree. You can teach your cat to use their scratching post, to stay, sit, high five or any other tricks or desired behavior using clicker training. In the Chirpy Cats household, we are entertained by both high-flying tree-dwellers adept at negotiating the highest cat tree or ramps as well as the cats who prefer to be more grounded.

Enter the age of modern cat chic. It is important to place the cat shelves or ramps into different pathways with clear exit routes. If a more timid cat is confronted on one end, there should always be an escape route to a higher or low ramp without fear of confrontation.

If George wants to steer clear of Charlie, his nemesis, he can go from sitting room to kitchen without having to touch the floor. He has earned himself another nickname, Ceiling Cat. Most cats love to tunnel their way under and through things. You can add to their enrichment by mapping out appropriate vertical and horizontal spaces for your cats to own with confidence.

Check out how we added some grass tunnels attached to the existing catio to further increase their space. Some cats also enjoy the safety of hanging out in low spaces such as under beds, nestled on couches and right there in the middle of the floor, no bed needed, thank you!

Our tortie girl, Scout, just loves our closets and has caused many a panic when we were looking high and low low mostly! Just as my husband enjoys time alone in his man cave, so too, do our cats. I consider the box the feline equivalent to the man cave or she-shed, if you prefer as it offers everything in the way of comfort, warmth and a safe retreat from the rest of their cat surroundings.

The cardboard substrate also makes for an attractive scratching surface and provides a cat a temporary barrier from any minor stressors and stimuli.Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil. Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned. Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:.

Header Image : Is the base of a huge Tree, with double doors set into an archway and a light beside them, lighting the stone pathway leading up to the doors.

On the other side of the trunk is another arched doorway that is open. There are different sized windows at intervals up the tree trunk; two are arched, one is square and another is round. Around the side is a gable containing another window. There are patches of green moss and ivy growing on the bark of the Tree.

Lush green grass is on either side of the stone pathway and there are ferns in the foreground. Filtered sunlight is streaming down behind the Tree, casting a soft light on the surrounding forest. Second Image : Is an interior view, of rooms with round doorways and soft lighting. There is an overstuffed leather chair with pillows and tables with chairs in each room. On one side there is soft light coming in through a small round window and a larger arched one. In the far room there is another small round window with light shining in through it.

There are exposed beams on the walls and the sloped ceiling. He has a solemn, determined look on his face. View all posts by wheatietoo.

Half Baked

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all things stampy: caturday (yes i know its late): professor happy cat

We just got the final Coronavirus Relief Bill. It is pages long. We are voting on it in 15 to 30 minutes. That gives us a whopping 8 to 16 seconds per page.

Like Liked by 10 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 12 people. If that is your call, Wolf, ok — your blog, your rules! But, just in case it is a wordpress thing, thought I would mention it.T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists.

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Funny Cats Video Compilation 2016

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